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Walta Electronic is an experienced manufacturer of connector and cable products since 1992, headquartered in Taipei. With over 30 years of expertise in creating connectivity solutions, we are committed to deliver high quality products with the support of our professionally equipped engineers, customer-centric service and well-prepared timely delivery.

Our range includes a wide variety of I/O connectors and cables, covering USB, HDMI, Display Port and SD memory card connectors, Internal and External wires. In this competitive arena, we are clear that quality, cost-effectiveness, and technical proficiency are the three key factors in becoming a trusted supplier, and this is our mission.

With our expertise, we tackle intricate challenges and fulfill the evolving demand for efficiency enhancements within the electronics industry. In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, our in-house design team proactively collaborates with clients around the world to drive continual growth and innovation through data-driven learnings.

We are compliant with ISO9001, ISO14001, HDMI Certificate and USB Certificate standards and always welcome ODM, OEM projects and customize connector and cable requests.

Walta Product Portfolio

Our portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum of I/O connectors and cables, spanning from USB, HDMI, Display Port to SD memory card connectors and cables. We have in-house design and manufacturing capability to offer qualitative customizable solutions for our clients globally, this service covers various industries including industrial, telecommunications, automotives and consumer electronics.

Through proactive collaboration with our clients and our customer-oriented approach, Walta Electronic has achieved great success in the development of connectivities, we strive to provide innovative solutions that enables our customers to stay ahead in this competitive landscape and create advanced products.

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